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14 - 13 - 6 см,
Atlas Bike adapter for pet carriers
Rapid hook/unhook system
It attaches to the bicycle handlebars
It can support a dog weighing maximum 7 kg
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Rapid Bike Adapter is a useful adapter for securing the Atlas Bike series of pet carriers to your bike. Ideal for anyone who wants to have their furry friend with them at all times, even during bike rides. It is extremely easy to attach, thanks to the handy and rapid hook/unhook system. In fact, it is very simple to set up. All you have to do is attach it to the handlebars of your bike, thus creating a support on which you can place the pet carrier for your little friend. This adapter is designed to support a maximum weight of 7 kg. Therefore it should be used for small dogs

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Страна производитель Италия,
Размер 14 - 13 - 6 см,
Цвет черный,
Группа товаров Вело-акссесуары для собак,
Тип Крепление к велосипеду,

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1234  грн
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Размер 14 - 13 - 6 см
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