73200017 || DOG CAR SECURITY

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2020  грн
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82 - 141 см,
Car dog-guard
Universal fastening system suitable for all cars
Solid and sturdy, made of varnished steel
Useful to travel with your friend safely and quietly
Dimensions: minimum 82 x 15 x h 32 cm, maximum 141 x 15 x h 43 cm
With headrest connection
Adjustable according to the size of your car back compartment
Made in Italy
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Suitable for any type of car, Dog Car Security is the car dog-guard which allows to carry your dog in total safety without he can represent an impediment to driving. Sturdy and reliable, is made by varnished steel. Easy to assemble, can be quickly connected to the back headrest and is adjustable acccording to the width and height of your car back compartment. Product made in Italy. Dimensions: minimum 82 x 15 x 32 cm. height, maximum 141 x 15 x 53 cm height.

Assembly instructions.
Raise the headrest to make supporting posts accessible


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Страна производитель Италия,
Размер 82 - 141 см,
Цвет серый,
Группа товаров Авто-акссесуары для собак,
Тип Ограждение,


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2020  грн
Отзывов пока нет
Размер 82 - 141 см
Цвет серый